E Cig Flavor Vapors

11 Jan

E cigs are electronic devices shaped much like traditional cigarettes, only they do not emit smoke. Instead, they emit a vapor, which is generated from the unit, which looks much like smoke but evaporates in the air like steam. Many people are choosing e cigs over regular cigarettes to wean themselves off smoking to eliminate this unhealthy habit from their lives.


E cigs come in a variety of designs from simple ones you can dispose of after using, to entire units that come with charges, travel cases, and different flavored vapor cartridges. The type of unit you use depends on many factors, including your budget. Simple, disposable e cigs can be purchased at a nominal fee from a gas station or convenience store. This makes using the disposable e cig the perfect way to try them to see if they are right for you.

When you graduate to purchasing and using a higher-end e cig product, you will encounter the options available for enhancing your smoking experience, or vaping experience as it is referred to, with flavors. This makes the e cig vaping experience something like traditional hookahs used in smoking lounges.

Even when you use an e cigarette product designed to last, the cartridges or filters can be filled and refilled with different vapor flavors, allowing you to choose a vape flavor to suit your mood. One of the best features about using e cigs is you do not get the nicotine that comes with smoking traditional cigarettes. Therefore, your vaping is not likely to harm your health, although there is no solid proof that e cigs are completely harmless yet.

Still, you can enjoy the act of smoking without the harmful effects that come from using tobacco. In fact, by choosing to vape with different flavors of e cigs, you can get addicted in a healthy way to the variety you can spice your vaping experience with. Once you have purchased your e cigarette and the kit that comes with it to keep it charged, you want to explore the world of e cig flavors.

The best place to purchase the widest array of flavors is from a vape store. These places supply all kinds of flavors from fruits like strawberry, orange, peach, banana and apple to pineapples and cherries. If fruit flavors do not appeal to you, you can opt for spice flavors like cinnamon or clove. Flavors like coffee, menthol and chocolate are also available for whenever the mood strikes.

You can purchase your vape flavor in a liquid container which you can use to fill your vapor tank or to add to your e cig’s filter chamber. Find directions for filling your particular e cig by reviewing the product’s manual or ask your local vape store clerk to show you how to fill your e cig.

E cigs are a healthier option to real cigarettes. With all the flavors available, your e cig will bring you more enjoyment than any real cigarette could.